Festival Fashion: How to Make a Statement with Your Sunglasses

Posted on Friday 18th August 2017
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Festival season is upon us – this means if you are heading to Bestival, V Festival, Creamfields or Elrow, we hope you’ve got your wellies ready! It also means: Festival Fashion. Yes, the sun is playing a game of hide and seek with us however, those festival sunnies are just as important. So, how do you look on trend, cover the hefty eye bags and have a pair of sunglasses that are easy to cart around? We’ve broken it down very simply for you…

1. The Festival First

So it’s your first time to a festival, eh? You’ve probably been looking forward to this day for a very long time. Packing more than you need to. It’s like a little holiday to a posher Benidorm. You don’t want to overdo the accessories but you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb either. These Guess gold/gradient brown frames are perfect for an understated classy look. With 3 colours available, you won’t have a problem finding an outfit to go with!

2. The Festival Fanatic

Festival Season? You’ve always got it covered. You probably know who’s playing in what tent, at what time and where. You don’t pack heavy because 3 days in the same clothes with Johnson’s baby wipes are enough to keep you going and you definitely know how to get around the mosh pit with ease. The “Festival Fanatics” are always game to get down and dirty. You are brave with your accessories and attire and want to stand out from the crowd – if not just to get your fave artists attention! The Cacherel CA7040 is perfect for you. With red frames, not only will you stand out from the crowd but you’ll also be able to see them clearly in your mud-filled bag or the neon lit tents.

3. The Festival Free-Spirit

Ok, so you’re at a festival? Big deal. Your life is generally a party so a festival is basically your weekend in the garden – on a bigger scale, of course. You’re usually the leader of the pack with all your mates’ parents telling you to look after their “babies” knowing that their “babies” will probably be laying in a field telling you about the time they first fell in love covered in mascara tears and a snotty nose with Adele playing her new set on stage in the background. Let’s not go any further…
If this is you, the CK CKJ799S is what you need! With a sleek round frame and stocked in many different colours, nobody will be able to see those eye-rolls!

Whatever festival fashion you go for, just4specs is here to help! We stock a huge range of sunglasses catered to every need and lifestyle. Why don’t you give us a call or pop in store to find your sunglasses soul mate?

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