We know that buying prescription glasses and contact lenses can be confusing. Many of us are only just coming to terms with buying glasses online! Well to make matters easier, we’ve compiled a list of the questions we’re frequently asked about how to buy prescription glasses and contact lenses online.

A. Yes, all International shipments are sent via Royal Mail Tracking and may require a signature depending on its destination. Upon dispatch an email will be sent to you stating that your order has now been completed. If you wish to track your order you can do so by requesting the tracking number.  For shipping times to International countries please see Royal Mails website.

Please note you may be subject to import duties and taxes. Unfortunately we have no control over these charges and cannot predict ahead of time what they may be. Any additional charges that may arise after reaching the destination country is solely the customer’s responsibility. For more information about import duties and taxes, please contact your local customs office.

For more Information see our Terms and Conditions

You can always look at our “Face Shapes” found at the end of the site page under “General”.
If that doesn’t help you, why not visit our showroom? Located in Archway, North London, come down and bring a friend, get a second opinion! Try on our unique and large range of frames! Make sure you are happy with the fit, shape and colour of your new glasses. We can even post them back to you should you wish or even come back and collect them!
For full information please see our “Why choose just4specs?” found on our home page.

Pupil Meter for iPhone & iPads is a great application for measuring your Pupil Distance. (P.D) You’ve left your optician with your prescription in hand and you want to order your glasses from just4specs. But don’t know how to take your P.D. It’s simple you can either follow our easy steps below!! Or download this “Pupil Meter” application for just £0.59p and let it do all the hard work for you!It’s very easy to use and just takes a few easy steps……Pupil Meter for iPhone – The Pupil Meter is quick and trustworthy; you can now take your own P.D measurement using this application with confidence. It also allows you to send us your measurement via e mail to info@just4spec.co.uk It is self explanatory in the help setting that greats you on the first page. It then explains the simple process method; it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!!Pupil Meter for iPad – is far more advanced then the iPhone app. Not only is it possible for you to take your Pupillary Distance (P.D) in both Binocular (double) and Monocular (single) measurements. But it also allows you to take your Seg heights needed for Bifocal’s or Varifocal’s.

As you can see from these photos above! Find a friend or family member to take a clear shot of you holding a credit/bank card under your nose with the black strip facing the camera. You will need to stand approximately two feet away. (Arms length)


  • Make sure that the adjustable green box fits exactly around the card strip.
  • To view the picture clearly, use the zoom buttons provided
  • Save your photo
  • E Mail your measurements and order number and let us add them for you at info@just4spec.co.uk
  • Visit www.sunmoresystem.com for more information or watch an instruction video.

If your prescription is out of date or if you just want to update it, then you may wish to book a Sight Test. You can have an eye check done in store with us by contacting us on
020 7272 1506. Alternatively you can arrange this with your local Optician.

Following your sight test you are legally entitled to request a copy of your optical prescription. Your Optician is legally required to give you your optical prescription or a statement to say you’ve been referred for further tests.

Am I entitled to a free eye examination under the NHS?

You are entitled to an eye examination paid for by the NHS if;

  • you are under 16 years of age
  • you are under 19 years of age and in full time education
  • you or your partner are getting income support
  • you or your partner are getting family credit
  • you are over 60 years of age
  • you suffer from glaucoma
  • you are over 40 years of age and have a direct family history of glaucoma
  • you have diabetes
  • you are registered as blind or partially sighted
  • you require complex spectacle lenses

What has my general health got to do with my eyes?
“Everything”. Many health problems can cause visual problems. For example:

  • rheumatoid arthritis – dry eyes
  • diabetes – fluctuating vision
  • migraine – visual disturbances
  • head injuries – double/blurred vision
  • sinusitis – pain around the eyes
  • menopause – tear problems leading to dry eye/blurry vision
  • high blood pressure – leaky blood vessels

Unfortunately, due to new NHS guidelines all optical vouchers cannot be dealt with online.
This also goes for your works Eyecare voucher silver (Accor vouchers).

A. All you need to order with us is your prescription, which must have been issued within the last two years. Your optician should provide you with an up to date copy of your prescription.

A. We can offer such low prices because we do not run expensive high street shops. We keep our running costs to a minimum by using our own laboratory and buy in bulk.

A. Definitely not! We refuse to buy low cost, poor quality budget frames. We only buy good quality frames all within British and European standards.

A. Yes but only on single vision within a limited power range. We only use best quality from branded suppliers. All other lenses are made individually to your prescription by our own laboratory.

A. All our spectacles have a 1 year manufacturing guarantee against defective materials or faulty workmanship. (Please see Unique Selling Points)

A. Yes. We have a variety of colours, and depths of tints, and also lenses which change by the sun’s UV rays known as “photochromic” lenses. These lenses are clear in normal lighting conditions, but darken under UV light i.e. in sunlight, and includes 100% UV filter.
Anti reflection scratch resistant protective hard coatings are also available on these lenses.

A. Yes. As our laboratory is approaved by all the top lens suppliers, we are able to order or make any type of lens on the market.

A. No. The contact lens prescription is purley for contact lenses and very different to the spectacle prescription. Please ask your optician for your spectacle prescription, if it’s glasses you want to order.

A. Yes! Just specify in the prescription form that you require plano lenses.

A. No. We do not sell prescription glasses to anyone under 18 years old.

Pupil Distance (PD)How to take your PD (this stands for Pupil Distance). This is to help us know where to place the centres of your prescription lens. This is very easy to do, just ask a friend or family member to be “your helper” and just follow these simple steps.

1. Make sure that “your helper” is standing roughly at the same height as you. Ask them to place a ruler across the bridge of your nose placing the start off the millimetre measurements in the centre of your right pupil. (as shown in example)
2. Start measuring from the right eye (as if “your helper” is looking at you) “your helper” must close their left eye! This is important as it will avoid any parallax error.
3. Then “your helper” closes their right eye opening their left eye as they are taking the measurement to the centre of your left pupil (see diagram).
Remember you can always repeat the process a few times just to be sure!!
No one around to help you at the moment??!!…………..No problem!!
We have a simple way that will allow you to take your measurement yourself!

All you need is a ruler and a mirror!!

1. Firstly stand about 20cm away from the mirror (8 inches). Place the ruler HORIZONTALLY against the mirror and close left eye. The closing off the eyes is important as it will avoid any parallax error.
2. Place the start of the millimetre measurements on the ruler in the centre of your right pupil. Open your left eye and close your right eye. Remember to keep the ruler and your hand STILL!!
3. Peering over the top off the ruler with your left eye read the millimetre measurement in the centre of your left eye.

If you find this to hard to do or don’t understand you can always E-Mail one of our friendly members of staff that will be able to help you. Or ask your optician to take your PD! Failing all that we have a very accurate way off averaging out your PD.
If in doubt feel free to send us an old pair off your glasses and we can measure the PD for you!! And your glasses will be returned to you with your New glasses!!
Failing that, check out the Pupil Meter Application for iPhones and iPads
(You can find this in General at the end of each page!)

A. Your order will be given immediate attention by our staff. Firstly it’s accuracy will be checked by our dispensing team, before going on to our Optical Laboratory for production.We endeavour to complete and despatched most orders within just five working days of receiving your order depending on your prescription. We aim for you to receive most orders within just 14 working days.
1 Single Vision Lenses usually dispatched within 4/5 working days.
2 Bifocals Lenses usually dispatched within 5/10 working days, (allow extra 5 days for high index and M.A.R. coating)
3 Varifocals Lenses usually dispatched within 10/14 working days (allow extra 5 days for high index and M.A.R. coating)
Please note Special Lenses such as Bifocals Varifocals, may take up to 28 working days. For more Information on our Delivery Times and Special Lenses please see our Terms & Conditions.
In the unlikely event of any delays we will notify you.

A. The maximum power which we will cater for is:-8.00/+6.00 Sphere combined powers with 3.00 degrees of Cylinder power. We would have personal communication with you if there is a prescription higher than listed.

A. Immediately send an email alerting us, because we process orders very quickly. Always double-check your prescription and other information prior to submitting your order.

A. If you need a minor adjustment, go to your nearest optical retailer. Most opticians will do this for a small fee, or donation in their charity box.

A. There is a £4.15 postage and packaging charge per pair of frames ordered. All frames are sent by Royal mail 1st class. Any orders over £70.00 are sent Special Delivery at no extra charge.

A. We accept payment by Visa/MasterCard/Switch/Solo/Maestro or any other credit card identified on our site. Unfortunately we do not accept PayPal payments.
We currently only accept GBP.

A. Our payment systems uses PAY360 by Capita, a secure on-line credit card payment service. It allows us to safely process your credit card payment with the bank, and complete the financial transactions securely behind protected firewalls.No personal or financial details are left unencrypted on a remote server, and such details are never sent by internet email.