Daniel Radcliffe to Spark Another Surge in Specs?

Posted on Tuesday 6th August 2013
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When Daniel Radcliffe starred as Harry Potter, hundreds of kids were queuing up to get their eyes tested in the hope that they could wear glasses like their hero. Round specs were suddenly all the rage and glasses were the latest cool accessory to take to school.

Now the Harry Potter films have come to an end, you might think that the child star’s influence on eyewear fashion is over; however, in his latest role, as beat poet Allen Ginsberg, the glasses are back. He will be portraying the writer in his formative years at University in the movie Kill Your Darlings, which will be released in November.

The film focuses on the murder of beat poet Krammerer and features some raunchy gay sex scenes, so it’s a step forward for the actor famous for a children’s franchise. We predict that Radcliffe will start another trend in eye-wear, for a more grown-up audience.

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