Minimal and Cool

Posted on Friday 31st March 2017
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Q: What’s minimal, frosty and sees everything you see?

How amazing is it that each and every individual carries a unique DNA? There is absolutely no one in the world who carries the same DNA as you. No one. So, why do we insist on conforming to look like everybody else? Why do girls spend hours on YouTube so desperately wanting to follow the steps of a celebrity to look like them? Here at Just4Specs, we want our customers to feel empowered and confident, that is why we cautiously select the brands we collaborate with because we believe exclusivity needs to come back!

Minima glasses are a range offering you an alternative, modern design with a retro twist. ‘Minima’ glasses literally translating to minimal glasses are crafted in their manufacturing center twenty miles from sunny South of Paris. The inception of the brand was in 1994, and it has gone onto achieve success after success ever since. Minima glasses offer a unique insight into a range to suit all face types, backgrounds and lifestyles. They can be worn during the day to give your outfit that extra boost or at night for a sophisticated, sexy look. Minima glasses have built a “one type fits all” incentive by crafting the frames and lenses to be easily manipulated and shaped to fit your needs. The Minima glasses frames come in variations and therefore allows you to hand-pick a pair suited to your face shape.

The next range that we want you to feel completely exclusive and confident in is the ICY glasses range. ICY glasses are an affordable range offering minimal design with a refined finish. We offer a variety of frames for men and women covering many styles. The best thing we like about our ICY glasses is its absolute diversity of use. You can use ICY glasses for everyday living and we guarantee you will look every inch the professional. For an interview or office look, we recommend the ICY 12 glasses stocked on our website. This is a traditional style frame with thick sides keeping in touch with the modern era. Fresh, cool (no pun intended) and affordable, the ICY glasses are known to be a safe option that every hand bag, man bag (we know that’s a thing!) and eye bags should have!

Individuality cannot be taught or given. You don’t need permission to be exclusive, you already are.

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