Summer Holiday Glasses Checklist

Posted on Friday 2nd August 2013
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Have you got a summer holiday booked this year? Whether it’s a stacaytion in sunny Britain or you’re headed to somewhere a bit more exotic you want your holiday to be the most relaxing couple of weeks of the year.

So we’ve put together a final checklist before you go on holiday for all those glasses wearers out there.


Sounds obvious but don’t forget your sunglasses. We can make sunglasses to any prescription for you, so have a look at our range of designer frames today. Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes from harmful rays and, of course, to stop you squinting in all your holiday snaps!

A Spare Pair of Glasses

Whether you wear contacts of glasses, carrying a spare pair is important. You don’t want to have to hunt down an optician somewhere in the middle of the Scottish Hebrides or a Spanish town.

A Case

A decent glasses case will help keep your specs sun, sea, sand and sun-cream free. Try and pack a couple of good quality glasses cloths as well so you can clean them properly.

Have fun on your holidays!

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